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Link Anchor Text.

What is Anchor Text?

What is Anchor Text Link?

Does Google index Anchor Text Links?

Anchor Text is the text written on the link. Links are lengthy and with such keywords in that users fail to understand. In order to avoid confusion text is added on the links. Due to this the links is not directly visible on the page. This text is called Anchor Text. This generally occurs in places or locations where we desire our viewers to click and take a action.

Anchor text link is the link behind the Anchor text. When clicked on the anchor text, the link gets clicked, this clicking action implies on the link and this link is called as Anchor Text Link.

Google and other search engines use this text to determine what the linked page is about. For example, if you set "Learn More About computer Repairs" as the Anchor Text for the link that goes to your repairs page, it tells the search engines that that the linked page is most likely to be about computer repairs.

Now as far as anchor texts are concerned, it is recommended that it should be sensible and connecting to the context. This will help Google and other search engines index it and display it to the searchers.

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