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Google does not index part of pages, but instead the whole page.

Are #tags url(s) indexed by Google?

Googleโ€™s John Mueller said on Aug 07th 2019, that Google does not index part of pages, but instead indexes the whole web page. He was seen replying to a question posted on twitter.

From his reply it was clear that Google does not or rarely indexes url(s) called using #tags, but tends to index content or url on the same page. It is also clear that #tag url(s) that are on the same page have maximum chances of being indexed.

He also said that Google does not index a part of a page. If some information on the page is important then Google indexes the entire page and not just the section of the page.

โ€œWe don't index parts of a page independently; we index the pages as a whole, and try to understand the context of the content there. Scrolling to a part of a page when we know that's where the snippet was from makes a lot of sense regardless of indexing.โ€ That means there is no algorithm that just indexes part of a page. If Google indexes any content of the page or if it tends to crawl a particular page then it indexes the whole web page.

Further he explained two situations with # urls. He said that if a page loads different content via #tag, particularly used through JS-based, then such url(s) rarely are indexed. But if the #tag points or jumps to a section on the same page then such tags are not indexed separately as it is on the same page that is already indexed.

โ€œThere are 2 situations with "#" URLs: 1) pages that load different content via #tags (mostly JS-based, rarely gets used for indexing, not recommended), 2) pages that jump to a part of the page (common, which don't need to be indexed separately because it's the same page).โ€

Now to conclude the following in respect to #tag url(s)

So ensure that the urls are user friendly and also machine friendly. If it is machine friendly then automatically it will be shown to the users.

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