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Improve user experience

As far as the url or the page or the website is concerned it is not important how pleased we are with the design and speed of the url / page or website, but rather it is important how comfortable the end users will be when they log on to the url or page or the website. Url or the page or website is created for the end users. So our goal should be clear in our mind that the end user visiting our website should be able to easily follow the instructions on the page, understand the content so that our goal is achieved. Here instruction means reading the page content, filling the form, making a purchase, hitting the like button and so on. So whatever sort of website is created, it should be as per the expectations of the end users. This is a continuous process for improvement of the user experience.

Rich Content

Rich content is something that every website owner / developer and marketer should be aware of. Rich content means we should have unique content for the url(s) / website in a structured way. The page should have some media like images and video at appropriate places. Having videos is not mandatory but appropriate images are mandatory. There should be co-relation between the content, media and the url. The H1 tag should summarize the page content making it logical and sensible. The content should not be copied from other url(s) / already existing stuff.

Relevant Media

Relevant media goes hand in hand with Rich Content. Whatever images, videos and other media are inserted on the page should co-relate with the title / H1 tag and should be sensible and logical

Relevant and logical headings

This also goes hand in hand with Rich Content. Search engines intend to read, crawl, index and display the content in the H1 tag and some extent other descending tags or the Heading(s). These headings of the page should be unique and a summary / glimpse of the context on the page correlating with the text and the media.
The general structure for the headings is
H1 … only one on each page and should summarize the page content.
H2 to H6 …can be multiple but should be in ascending order (H2 > H3 > H4 > H5 > H6)

Relevant page titles and description

This is something very simple, common and prevalent since the trend of search engines began. Every page should have a unique title not exceeding 60 characters are relevant to the page context. The description should be upto 120 characters for mobile devices and for desktop devices about 158 characters as per Google norms. Bing / Yahoo permit 168 characters.

Serve Caching of Resources

This is something that needs expertise. Insufficient knowledge may land you in trouble.
Caching is generally done for the following resources:

Caching can be done by three ways Now it becomes difficult as to what sort of caching one has to opt for. It purely depends on the nature and purpose of the website.

Insert Relevant Schema:

Schema means a systematic representation and when it comes to digital marketing schema means telling the search engines, what sort of content / data is available on the page. This is done by adding the relevant codes in the html part. Search engines when crawl the relevant pages, this data is segregated and made available to searchers. Adding schema can also be done through webmaster tools.

Internal Linking

To understand internal linking just visit and see how they have built the internal links. For me it is a perfect example of internal links. Providing appropriate links for pages and sections within the website helps search engines crawl and co-relate content and links.

External Linking

External links are links of our website or pages that are placed on third party websites. Anyone when on seeing these links when clicks on them is redirected to our website or the relevant page. This helps in increasing the website traffic. This should not be considered as on page activity but is simply and off page activity

Keyword Density

Keyword density is again somewhat tricky to understand. Keywords are the key players when it comes to digital marketing. Understanding the keywords and their density is a task of experts. Keyword density does not merely mean cluttering all the keywords at one place or repeating the same keywords again making no sense. Keyword density means having the appropriate keywords in appropriate places and that make a sense. Appropriate places means the important keywords should find a place in the url, the meta title, meta description, the H1 tag and the body content only upto the extent that it makes a sense for the page.

Sensible url links (avoid ? – question marks in links):

Proper and sensible urls are the basics of SEO. Having a structured url with proper keywords is a mandatory requirement. Proper keywords means the url must have some important keywords of your product or service or the intended content in the url. Url should not have question marks in it not spaces. Use of hyphen (-) in place of word separators and underscore (_) as a word joiner.

Optimize images with title and alt tags

Machines are unable to understand images as humans do. In order that the machines understand the images properly it is necessary to add the alt attribute and the image title so that machines understand the images and the results are displayed properly.

Links to Social sites

There is no doubt that social media has changed the way current society interacts with each other. These are the platforms that have logically reduced the land distances in communication. Search engines look for social media links on your page in order to understand howmany users are actually engaging with your page and content.

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