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What is SEO?

Optimization is making the best use of the available resources. Search Engine Optimization means making use of all the available resources in order to ensure that the latest policies laid down by various search engines are followed and the desired url(s) are crawled and indexed and made available to the searcher when a search is made. Search engines have their own way of functioning, reading urls, crawling and indexing them. SEO is all about understanding this behavior of search engines and adapting the same so that the desired url(s) are indexed and displayed at the top.

SEO involves two major activities: (A)On-page activities and (B)Off-page activities

(A)On-page activities

On page activities are those activities that are related directly with the design, content and coding of the url(s), pages and the content. These vary from the type of website, platforms and structure of the url(s).
The purpose of the url(s) / page(s) / the websites decide the actual on page activities to be done for the particular url(s) / page(s) or website. The point to note here is that not all tactics can be implemented for all the websites. It is only the purpose of the url(s) or the page(s) or the website that will decide the necessary tactics to be implemented.
Somehow we are just enlisting only the common and most widely used tactics. It will be your wit and knowledge to chose wisely the correct parameters / tactics for your website /page(s) / url(s) from the below listed tactics.

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(B)Off-page activities

Off page activities are those activities that are not related directly with the design, content and coding of the url(s), pages and the content. These are something to do with pages or urls other than our own website url.
We may term off page activities as promoting our links and content on other websites and urls. The intent of this may be to gain more backlinks and inturn more traffic for our website.
This is done by various activities. Some are listed below:

  1. Social Bookmarking
  2. Article Submission
  3. Directory Submission
  4. Business Listing
  5. Classified Submission
  6. Forum Submission
  7. Guest Posting
  8. Blog Postings
  9. Profile Creation
  10. Commenting - Social Media, Forums, Blogs
  11. Video Submissions

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List of Digital Marketing Activities

  • Digital Marketing, Brand Promotions and Management
  • Increase website Traffic and Generate Business Inquiries
  • SEO/SMO/SEM/SMM (Search Engines, FB, Twitter, Blog, Instagram, Pintrest, linkedin)
  • Google / Yahoo / Bing Marketing Marketing
  • Social Media and Youtube Marketing
  • Configuring Online Chat & Push Notifications
  • Bulk Email / Bulk SMS
  • Website Designing and Hosting
  • Business / Domain Email Hosting & Space
  • Advertisement designs
  • AMP support & consultancy